Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Most Christmasy Place in the World

This was my second trip to New York during the holiday season and personally I believe New York knows how to celebrate Christmas like no other place in the world.   While I was waiting in line at Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes, I overheard a grandmother sharing a story that I have to share.  She was saying that even if you've been to see the Rockettes you still want to see the show again.  She explained that she'd seen the show 20 years ago and though she lives on social security, she's been saving for several years so that she could bring her two granddaughters to see the show.  I almost cried just hearing her share her story.  Bless her heart, she was wearing a jacket that was thin and worn.  I couldn't help but think of what she had sacrificed for those girls and I have to agree.  Now I'm dreaming of taking my granddaughters.  What a wonderful show. 

So here are some pictures that highlight some of our experiences. 

I'm headed to Montreal tomorrow and looking forward to seeing snow!  

 Hope you are enjoying all the joys the season brings. 


  1. I think New York does know how to celebrate Christmas -

    Thanks again for arranging the umbrella pick up.


  2. Wow, Cheryl - it is a wonderful place! Have fun in Montreal!

  3. I am, I am.! Thanks for sharing those images, they're lovely.

  4. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing such great photos. Enjoy Montreal!

  5. You were in NYC and I am in Colorado visiting my grandson for his second birthday! :) I noticed how big your grand daughters are getting form your new header photo!

    NYC is magical at Christmas, isn't it? I loved all your photos!

  6. The pictures are wonderful...thanks for sharing. I have been to NYC only once and it was a quick trip as chaperone to a bunch of teenagers! I do hope to go back one day and enjoy some shows. The story about the grandmother really touched my heart...I would do anything for my grandchildren and this lovely lady certainly gave her grands a very special gift...especially the gift of her time and love.

  7. Bravo! Wonderful photographs. Is that the real Santa Clause?

    Are those two lovely girls the same as the wee ones in your previous header? They look as if they'd be charming companions in NYC!

    Hope you find snow. If you don't, stop on back by Chicago. We had some overnight and more coming over the weekend.


  8. Hi Cheryl....fabulous pictures of the best holiday place on earth!!
    The Radio City show is wonderful and as a kid in tap dancing class I alwsy wanted tobe a Rockette...Too short...and short on talent too!!
    Did you get to go to Mario Batali's new "Eataly"...we are going to try and go when we go up next week....was that Serendipity in the last picture??

  9. Oh you were here again? :) Hope you got back safely!