Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Trip to Scotts, AFTER the Atlanta Bloggers Gathering

Some of the Atlanta bloggers got together for a brunch yesterday and you can read more about the gathering by stopping in at Sue's place at Rue Mouffetard.
 (Sue, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed the group picture).  

We had such a good time visiting and enjoying some incredible food!  After the brunch a few of us headed over to Scott's Antique Market to do some shopping and looking.   Recently when shopping in the south building I met a lovely new friend, and I was so happy to see that she was there this month too.   Her name is Ava and she is a 5th grader.  Her mother is french and her father is American so she spends her school year in the U.S. and summers in France.   Her father owns a shop in Atlanta, Provenance Antiques, and has a booth at Scott's specializing in french provencial pieces. 

Ava, on the other hand is a young jewelry making artist.  Here are a few pairs of earrings that I purchased - all for $3 each!  

I love the little note that she tucked inside my envelope.   May I convey the same message to you, dear readers!   I hope you will stop back by over the next few days as I share some great adventures from my recent work travels. 


  1. Oh we had such a fabulous time at your gorgeous home. Thank you again for being the best hostess and your bubby was also!

    You do have a lovely home. The food was awesome too.

    That little girl is so cute.

    Love, sandie

  2. Ooooh! What a cutie! And such lovely earrings, too! I am so sorry I couldn't come, Cheryl! I really wanted to be there...but as you know, family called! We had 8 ten year old boys invading my daughter's house! At least I got to leave before the sleep-over started! lol I hope you are havig a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! I'll bet there was lots of laughter and chatter.
    Those polka dot earring are very sweet - what a talented little girl.

  4. Cheryl thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful and fun brunch. Love your home and your very sweet Husband. He made the best coffee!! The food was fabulous but the conversations even more so. Glad you had fun at Scott's and those earrings are adorable. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  5. Oh, you Atlanta girls have the best times. Glad you all can get together. One day I'm going to get to Atlanta to do some shoping at Scotts and The Flea and all those Goodwill Stores where Debbie finds all her treasures. LOL Thanks for sharing. The earrings are sweet. ~ Sarah

  6. You're so lucky to be able to meet up with so many other bloggers. How nice for you to meet such a lovely young lady. Her earrings are adorable and a steal!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. It looks like a wonderful time. You are a gracious host.
    Someday I am coming to one of those luncheons! It would be worth the trip!!
    And of course I will come again!

  8. Thank you again for inviting me into your beautiful home. You are a fun hostess. It was nice to meet your friends and make new friends. A big thank you to your husband for being such a good host too.

  9. I haven't been to Scott's in quite awhile. I used to like LAKEWOOD much better. What happened to all the LW people? Did they go to Scott's? Love your new earrings and such a cute girl!

  10. Hi...had a great time on Saturday and so enjoyed meeting your husband...Sorry the foot wouldn't allow me to hobble around Scott's...maybe another month!..Your friend Ava is adorable and what cute earings...Good for her and her little business....

  11. Oh what a fun gathering for you girls from Atlanta! I just think it's great that you all were able to get together, there must have been so many laughs and I am sure lots of stories to tell!!


  12. looks like you had so much fun! Love the young crafter :)
    Following you back :)

  13. sounds like a great time and the Scott Antique Mall, i'm certain was fantastic. Rose

  14. Just discovered that you're back. Hope you had lots of fun as well as work. Look forward to hearing about it--the fun, that is I think it's lovely when bloggers actually meet in person.