Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Were You on January 20, 2009?

We will not forget this very historic day as we pray for our new leadership and our new President of the United States. God bless America.


  1. I agree JoJo -- history is in the making and we are here to see it! I wish I was able to go to DC but TV is pretty good too --lol!
    Happy Day!

    Hugs, Pat

  2. Oh, how I wish I could have seen the inauguration in real time. I had to teach a class and wasn't able to view it. However, the school brought it in live via internet for all of the history students to watch in the auditorium. Because of the monumental significance of this th ceremony, I think we should have all had the chance to observe history in the making. It is important to teachers and students of all subjects...to all people. Period.
    PS: Thanks for your comments yesterday. I would love that cookie recipe, too. :)