Friday, January 23, 2009

On to Jordan

After saying our goodbyes to the family we left Lebanon headed to Amman, Jordan. Now I have to admit that normally when planning a trip, even if it is a small adventure in the state of Georgia, I love to plan. I love the process of studying details of the area and the pleasure of discovering new places and experiences. Unfortunately, I never had time to study. I tried ordering a travel guide from Amazon but it was from an independent bookseller who never shipped the book (the very unpleasant vendor eventually refunded my money but I was left without a book). In the end I printed off some brochures from the Jordanian tourism office and packed them to study while traveling.

I had emailed a lovely 2-star hotel that arranged for pickup so we were taken to a wonderful neighborhood, in the embassy district. where we spent 3 nights. The hotel in U.S. dollars was only $80 a night which included a continental breakfast! I still can't believe the affordability of this very nice hotel.Our first day of outings took us to the site where Moses looked out over the Promised Land. It is called Mt. Nebo but you might also recognize the name as Pisgah. From the viewing platform you can look out and see Jericho, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River Valley, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Truly it was an incredible moment for me.

I am still having to pinch myself as I type. I just can't believe that I was really there. The site had a few tourist that day but as my husband and I stood on the viewing platform, we were the only people there. It was so vast and so quiet we were able to "be still and know that I am God."

Pope John Paul II visiting the Holy site in 2000.


  1. Oh, Jojo...That second to last one got the tears rolling down my cheeks. How utterly beautiful. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! What a blessing to be able to experience that sight with your own two eyes...I was just dumbstruck as I read your post. wonderful.
    PS: Yes, the fabric embellishments are a great kids craft. You are so insightful. It makes me so happy to know you will pass that one on to your niece, too. They are addicting...I've made several more the past few days...Now to transform them into jewelry and hair "thing-a-ma-bobs!" I love the look of metal mixed with fabric and paper. Also, anytime you have a minute, I'd love the cookie recipe you had told me about...:)

  2. You made such a great journey! What more can I say... love, Mira!

  3. Jojo, I have just read all of your travel entries and i am ready to go see Lebanon..No wonder people don't know where it is: my kids never had a world geography class in all of their combined school years.It's quite scary that a nation that wields such power should be so abysmally ignorant of the rest of the world.
    OK.Off my soap box.
    I loved the pictures and your comments. I have only visited Turkey and Israel in that part of the world and would love to see more.
    So nice that your have family over there, too. It makes the whole experience so much better.
    So now, when are you coming to see Mimi? I want to sneak some time with you when you do.

  4. What an increible experience! The view was spectacular, and I'm sure it felt like a holy place.