Thursday, September 11, 2008


My friend just moved to Houston so tonight Ike is on my mind. I just called to check on her and she said the city is in a frenzy but they have provisions and are prepared for the coming storm. It was interesting to learn that gas prices jumped from $3.50 to over $4 today. It just so happens that this girlfriend grew up in Orlando so dealing with tornadoes and hurricanes have been part of her growing up but for me I am still worried. When I called to check on her I had to confess that I have always wished that I could hunker down and experience one of these storms. The part of the country where I live we do get plenty of rain from storms and sometimes tornadoes but not the hurricane.

One of my childhood friends emailed me yesterday from coastal South Carolina. She too has seen plenty of these storms but her viewpoint of the storm is more focused on maintaining shoreline and protecting the coastline.

While I am not sure what your weekend weather might be, I hope that you have time to enjoy some candlelight and time together with your loved ones whether it is rain or shine.


  1. I lived in Florida for years and experienced hurricanes first hand. They are very scary and very devastating....

    My son lives in College Station about 120 miles from Houston. We are so worried about him...

  2. Thank you! And you too! Candlelight sounds wonderful. Most of the time I forget how candlelight can change the mood of a room, and how special it is. When Todd and I were first married, we ate every dinner by candlelight. I think I'll get out the candles this weekend!

  3. Hope your friend will be ok...
    Yes, it does sound a little bit scary..

    Jojo, thank you for your sweet wishes!

    about the zapote - soursop fruit - isn't it weird - i've never heard of it myself either before

    I wonder, do you cook Lebanese food sometimes ? as I read your husband is from Lebanon

    Have a great week end

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my last posting. It was so poignant and sweet.

    A candlelight weekend sounds perfect to me!

  5. What a story! I hope she's ok tonight. are those your daughter's on the header? adorable!!!
    thanks so much for your sweet comment. thank you.