Monday, June 16, 2008

Paris Market

I am still talking about Savannah (or vaSannah as my granddaughter calls it). If you haven't ever been it is certainly a city worth visiting. There is so much history, great food and plenty of shopping. I had read about the Paris Market & Brocante so of course it was first on my list of places to visit and I wasn't disappointed.

When I saw these spoons I just couldn't resist them. They may not be meant for use with tea but look how lovely when pictured with a teacup.

There were other purchases too. Like the beautiful hooks though my favorite purchase is the pearl-studded initial.

The Paris Market is a beautiful place to just to linger.

I just got my copy of Victoria Magazine and surprise...the Paris Market is featured in this issue!


  1. A Paris Market? Right in Savannah? I must check that out!
    Your finds are beautiful!

  2. LOVING all the neat little treasure from the Paris market.. what fun to peruse and discover items from the past



  3. That shop looks simply divine! Your finds are beautiful, glad you had a wonderful time.:)
    xo Lidy

  4. Lidy has guided me in your direction and I just wanted to say that the cup and saucer you have featured are absolutely lovely.