Sunday, June 15, 2008

Online Garden Tours All Week

An online garden tour benefiting breast cancer research is being held all week. You can find a listing of all the participating bloggers by visiting

Please enjoy some of the garden scenes we enjoyed on a recent trip to coastal Georgia and as you take the tour, I hope you will consider making a donation to help support the cause. You can access the contribution form by clicking here.

I love the passion flower and while I say that about every flower, this really is MY FAVORITE FLOWER!

You have to click on the tree photos to be able to see the moss-draped oak trees. The grand allee was so beautiful and amazingly cool on the day we were visiting Savannah when temperatures were hovering at 100 degrees.

And of course no garden is complete without a lizard.


  1. Hey there Jo... I love the photos you shared with us... its so much fun to take a trip to gardens like this to get ideas and tips for yourself...

    Thanks for sharing some really great pics


    from the "other"


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