Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Perfect Gift

Have you ever received the perfect gift? I have. This Christmas my niece gave me a gift that nearly took my breath away.  I wasn't expecting anything which made this present even more touching but it was also perfect and here's why.

When I was in high school I selected my china pattern. I fell in love with Autumn by Lenox and I remained determined that one day I would own some place settings of this china.  Eventually my dream came true and I have I to say that I love this pattern as much today as I did when I first spotted the pattern back in 1973 when I was working part-time at Belk Matthews in Warner Robins, Georgia. 

This Christmas my niece gave me a small package and as I mentioned, I really wasn't expecting anything but when I opened the wrappings I was amazed when I realized what she'd given me.  It was a beautiful necklace that was made from a broken piece of china. But not just any piece of china. It was piece of Autumn by Lenox.  
I love this necklace
Notice the fruits are raised
This gift is a treasure and it has reminded me of the importance of listening and observing during the year. A real gift isn't something we rush out to buy. Instead it is a gift that is well thought out. It is something that touches the heart.

This necklace serves as a reminder to listen and observe friends and family more closely so that I can also give the perfect gift.  And you know what, it's never to early to start planning for Christmas! 


  1. Your niece has learned something that many people never, ever learn - that is, that a gift is only a gift if it is truly for the person receiving. So many gifts reflect the wants, the style of the gifter. What a lovely thing for your niece to do. I can well imagine that you'll treasure it always.

    1. You are so right Pondside and it will always be a treasure.

  2. What a thoughtful niece you have. I'll just echo what Pondside has said. The necklace (and the china pattern) is beautiful.
    Every time I open your blog I smile when I see the exuberance of your granddaughters!

  3. Your niece is certainly observant. That is a beautiful pattern of china. I have always loved beautiful dishes. It's a funny feeling downsizing. I have got too many dishes and do not want to part with any of them. But I will.

  4. That is so touching and lovely! I have several friends who chose that pattern as well. One of them called and asked me to help her "modernize" a table setting for her. We featured some orange linens and flowers and she was thrilled.

  5. That is a gift to treasure for always. Your niece truly understands the art of giving.

  6. Very touching gift. Thanks for sharing the story with us.