Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Being Silly

How often do you laugh?  I don't mean chuckle, I mean really laugh.  You know, a real belly laugh,  The kind of laugh that takes your breath away.  Probably not often enough and today I was reminded to live a life that includes humor, laughter, fun and yes, even silliness.

I went to a wonderful memorial service today. This particular memorial service celebrated the life of a wonderful woman who enjoyed being silly. She shared her good humor, wisdom and kindness with everyone she met.  I didn't know the woman being remembered. I'm good friend with her daughter. My friend, like her mom, always seems to find humor and laughter in nearly every circumstance. In fact, she sent THE funniest email after her mom died as she and her sisters tried to write the obituary in honor of their mom. It seems each of the daughters inherited the same delightful sense of humor.

During the memorial service we heard many delightful stories, like the one about Safety Man.  When Safety Man was mentioned there were a few giggles in the crowd and we later learned that my friend's mom took a driving trip to Mexico alone and decided to travel with a "companion."  She bought a blow-up "friend," dressed him in some great outfit and drove to her vacation destination with Safety Man to keep her company. After the road trip he became a significant character in her life's history.

She planned a European vacation for herself and two daughters using a guidebook titled, "Europe on $15 a Day." The travel experience made for some crazy and funny travel adventures. (I think the $15 a day was intended for a single traveler....)

Each of my friend's sisters shared some of the most delightful stories about a woman who lived a life focusing on joy, humor, happiness AND silliness.  And she shared these gifts. I was reminded...we need more silly and we need to share it.


  1. The best ever is laughing just like I see you doing in the photos above . . .
    And being with friends who "bring it on!"
    Loved this . . . what a fabulous person . . . to have known . . .

  2. Research has long shown that laughter is good for one's health. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. It's wonderful that she and her sisters could celebrate their mom with lots of laughter. It must be very healing. Thanks for sharing this post, Cheryl.

  3. How wonderful that your friend and her sisters were able to remember their Mum with laughter even in the midst of sadness, your photographs show what silly should look like! I haven't bebb that silly since visiting friends in Austin, TX some years ago. When my friends husband remarked he had been a Freshman there, I misheard and thought he said Frenchman, just thinking of it now makes me giggle. Guess you had to have been there, but his wife calls him Frenchie now!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to follow more often my silly ideas( despite the looks my teenage daughter gives me)
    Your friends mother sounds like she enjoyed life , that she will be remembered with laughter and joy.

  5. Yes - the world really needs more 'silly'! Laughing until you cry is really the best medicine!