Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Valentine From the Heart

Nothing is as special as going to the mailbox, opening the box, reaching inside expecting to find the usual bundle of bills and ads, only to be surprised with a package! 
This week I was so happy to find such a package in my mailbox and I've had it on display in my living room all this week.  

Lady Sue, of Rue Mouffetard blog, made this special gift for attendees of the recent Downton Abbey luncheon hosted by the lovely Lady Joyce (formerly known as Flour Power Joyce).  Not only did Sue spend hours making this beautiful Valentine pin cushion, she took time to mail one to me. 
Love the sweetheart pins Sue added to the gift.
Handmade gifts mean so much.  My husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day so this gift is especially nice.



  1. What a sweet little Valentine. I agree that packages in the mail are really something special. Happy V. Day.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely post....I really enjoyed making these for everyone and we were all sad that you couldn't usual we had more fun then a bunch of crazy women should have...You should have been there for the Downton Trivia....and of course Joyce's food was wonderful....she such a great hostess....Hope to see you real soon. Joyce is off to London to go shopping and I leave for NY on Saturday...let's plan a lunch for when we get back!

  3. That Sue is such a sweetie! I love that she sent that to you. I hope we can plan a lunch sometime soon! We are all so busy but I miss everyone! I hated missing the Downton Abbey luncheon also. Hugs, Linda

  4. What a nice surprise, wow! That is such a sweet gift, Sue is a sweetheart!

  5. What a sweet friend Sue is to you. I enjoyed reading all about the Downton Abbey tea and missed seeing your picture there!

  6. That is a nice surprise! I hope you are finished with your weather surprises!! Spring is just a bit over a month away.


  7. Just read on Rajesh blog that you will be off to India for the first time! It is my favorite place in the world …despite the chaos and dirt and so many things which for us Westerners is soooo not right! Wishing you a great time with many happy encounters….and looking forward to many pictures!

  8. What a lovely present! I had not heard about the Downton Abbey luncheon – it must have been fun.