Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alexa Hampton, Jennifer Boles, Paint and Happiness

What a terrific week.  The week began with a special treat.  Alexa Hampton was in Atlanta and what a treat it was to meet her, all because of a blog!

I follow Jennifer Boles blog, The Peak of Chic and she was so kind to invite her followers to a private reception, book signing event and the opportunity to meet Alexa Hampton. The event was hosted by Hickory Chair and was open to the trade only so  I was beyond excited to be included as a guest.

It was a wonderful event and Alexa was such a captivating personality, not to mention an amazingly talented designer.  You have to read about her "decorating by Sharpie" advice.  I'm loving her new book Decorating in Detail.  Let's be honest here.  Sometimes these big coffee table books are pretty to look at but not necessarily interesting to read but I'm really enjoying reading Alexa's book. And not only is Alexa beautiful and talented, she's funny!  Thank you Jennifer for including your readers in a great event.

So the week continued with a decorating theme. 

We are so lucky and excited that my son and daughter-in-law have been relocated to a military installation in our state!!!!   It's so exciting that my son, DIL and the grands are now less that 2 hours away after living overseas for the past four years!  Now comes the paint.  This weekend we all met up at their new home and everyone painted.  We painted yard sale finds, walls and old pieces of furniture.  We are all so excited! Here are a few pictures highlighting the "masterpieces."

Lots more to come y'all!!!


  1. How wonderful that your son and his family will be so close! I live in hope for just such a move for our son too.
    Weren't you lucky? It seems that there is so much more to see and do in your area than up here when it comes to design. What a treat it must have been to meet Alexa Hampton. I'll look for the book, but may have to wait until I'm in WA to find it.
    Thank you for your email - I'm so behind, but a letter will wing its way off one day!

  2. Happy news having your family near, after years away. Enjoy your painting and decorating!

  3. How lovely to have your family close by again. You must be so excited!

  4. What wonderful news to have your family nearby! Looks like your painting weekend was a success! What a treat to meet Alexa and yes, what a week!!

  5. Wonderful that your son and his family will be close by. Glad you got to attend that special event. I'm going to the Nashville Antique and Garden Show and plan to attend their panel discussion.