Sunday, December 15, 2013

Irwin Decorator Set - A Memorable Christmas Toy

We always remember more things at holiday time.  - Mrs. Ennis, Holiday Affair

Do you recall some of your favorite Christmas toys?   Growing up, the only time of year we received gifts was Christmas so gifts from Santa were quite memorable.  You can probably guess my age if you recall great toys like Tiny Tears, Thumbelina, Mystery Date and of course Barbie, Ken, Midge, Alan, Skipper, Scooter and Ricky.  Do you remember Barbie's fabulous gold brocade faux mink trimmed suit? 

Oh, and the year Santa brought me a Barbie Fashion Case I was totally beside myself!  And yes, I'm thinking back to the 60s.
One particular gift from 1967 stands out in my mind and it is also a gift that I played with well into my early teens. The Irwin Decorator Set was something similar to a doll house but it was more that a doll house.  The year I got the decorator set our family was planning to build a new house and to get ideas our family spent lots of weekends and down time going to visit new builds and open houses.  There was lots of talk about shag carpet (can you imagine?) and what colors we would paint our rooms (yes, there was talk of getting my own bedroom) and lots of looking at styles, house plans, brick and tiles.  Then Christmas came and I got my own decorator set with wall panels, flooring, fixtures and more.  The set allowed me to build from the floor up and I loved it!  
 As I think back this creative set might have been part of the reason I ended up being a home economics major.  When I started 8th grade I finally put away my decorator set and started cooking and sewing for fun instead.  

Every now and then it's fun to think back and share some of those meaningful and magically holiday moments.   Hope you are making wonderful memories this holiday season.


  1. I remember getting a 'bride doll' for my eighth Christmas. I was in heaven!

  2. I back even further and remember a very large Raggedy Ann doll I received. It must have been the late forties. I still have her, tattered up a bit!

  3. That movie was on earlier today (Sunday)...the whole thing of Janet Leigh calling her son Mr.. Ennis and then he would call her Mrs. Ennis.......And there you mentioned it in your post.....!

    I don;t remember any presents from when I was a child---We celebrated Hannukah, but still.....I guess it was just too long!

  4. It is fun to recollect about all these past holidays and all the fun we had. I remember several of the toys I received – a homemade doll in first grade in Paris, a big doll that my father must have bought from a store that still had dolls from before the war – she looks like from the 30s (I still have her) and a red bicycle (I wrote a post on it.) I did not know about Barbie until I came to the US – but my daughters had many of them.