Saturday, August 17, 2013

Laughter IS the Best Medicine. I Want Some!!!

Carol Burnett & Friends Makes Me Laugh!

Now that the grandgirls are gone the house is so quiet and since their departure I’ve realized something.  I don’t laugh very often.  I know I used to, but what happened?  Children laugh approximately 400 times a day. Adults? Only 15 times.

What is up with that????

Laughter used to be an everyday thing for me but truthfully I’m not so sure that I’m hitting the 15 times mark.  
Are you?

Here’s a true confession. I used to be one of those people who would laugh at inappropriate times and that would make me laugh even more!  Remember the Mary Tyler Moore episode?

Does laughter slow down along with metabolism as we age or are things no longer funny like they used to be?  Or does the stress of life interfere with one's ability to laugh?
 Laughter is a terrific workout for the abdominals and let me tell you, I could use some laughter to help with this middle-age spread!

I love how coconuts are always smiling!
 Some of my funniest memories were really stupid things like turning a fan on a speaker in the midst of a meeting causing the speaker’s notes to scatter across the meeting room.  Or what about the time my oldest son took a laser pen to school on assembly day and shone the light on the principal 's forehead during the entire assembly (okay I should have been mad about that but it was too funny).  I couldn’t quit laughing at the other son’s graduation when during the ceremony he’d orchestrated the release of 30 beach balls during the program.  Once again the principal was mad but the entire graduating class had a blast and it made such a memory.  

What am I doing?  I can't swim!!

Last year when traveling in Italy, this same son decided to join a protest in downtown Rome having no idea what was going on, grabbed onto the banner, marching and yelling, “NO MORE LASAGNE! NO MORE LASAGNE!”  Now this made me laugh!  There he is in the blue shirt smiling at oldest son who is capturing the moment on camera!
No more lasagne! No more lasagne!

Do you laugh frequently?  What makes you laugh? Maybe we need to start a laughter movement! "LOTS MORE LAUGHTER! LOTS MORE LAUGHTER!"
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  1. OMGosh! That scene where Carol Burnett is Scarlett O'Hara is hysterical. That's my all time favorite scene from her programs. Watching her old programs, I'd probably laugh at least 15 times. Thanks for the giggle with you and the snorkel mask. :)

  2. it seems that laughter has become such serious business as of late. Fifteen times a day would be a stretch for me...we need more Carol!

  3. I loved this . . . I do that inappropriate laughing thing in the midst of a meeting and it just keeps erupting, can't stop laughing . . .

    Loved the No More Lasagne . . . It would be fun to be part of a Laughter Movement! I'll join . . .

    Sometimes my hubs and I have these moments of one of us being tickled about something or another and we start laughing . . . It builds and builds . . . we look at each other and it explodes all over again . . . we laugh so hard the tears are streaming.

  4. I really do not know where to start - so many of your examples could have been written by me. I did not join a protest in Rome, but I really wanted to do that. I had no idea what they were protesting, but it seemed like fun! I have never been a practical joker, but I do laugh at things that should not be funny. The first time my husband and I saw "Sling Blade", we were laughing hysterically from the beginning of the movie. The people in the theatre did not seem to share our humor, but we grew up in a small rural community and we seemed to know the people (or people like them) in the film! Laughter truly is the best medicine - thank you for reminding us!

  5. What a great post!You are so right. I know I don't laugh enough. I've got to work on that.

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Loving your blog! New follower here, hoping you'll stop by my blog and say hello and follow back :)

  7. Oh I can just imagine how fun your son is. I love to laugh and I do laugh a lot. Thanks for stopping by. Pinakbet is a Filipino dish with different kind s of vegetables to include eggplant, okra, bitter melon, string beans, etc and they are sautéed with pork and a fishy sauce is added....Christine

  8. I love to laugh, but you've made me realize that I haven't done as much of it as I usually do lately. Sometimes life is like that. Carol Burnett was so funny!