Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm So Behind But I Need Help With a Tablescape!

It's been a crazy busy spring, or perhaps I should say winter.  With the heater still going it is hard to imagine that it's spring but the calendar says May and my seedlings are up.  Mother's Day is next weekend.  Yep, it must be spring!

So blog friends, you have been on my mind and I seriously need help.   The help I need has to do with tablescapes so Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and the Tablescaper are the perfect resources.  If only they would read my post! 
We tweeked adding our building and a more personal logo
We are having a tablescape competition with some colleagues at work.  A group of us are participating in an upcoming retreat and we had to pick some of our favorite topics (I picked Downton Abbey) and at one of the dinners, our team will have exactly 20 minutes to set a table using the theme and tying it back to our workplace.  We've come up with some great ideas but we want perfection and we want to win!!!  How would you tie the show to a law firm and more specifically, our law firm culture?

We are using black, silver and white (with a touch of red) for our theme.  We've gathered some lovely items and made a few things too but our team really wants to WIN!!! We are battling teams with themes like Exotic Travel, HGTV, Food & Wine, Sports, Toddlers & Tiaras....I mean some great themes and I've heard that one table is bringing in turf! Another is building a doll house....seriously?  We've got some serious competition!

If you are a tablescaper and if you have ideas, please send my way!


  1. I am not a help but will forward a blog friend who did a post on a Downton Abbey dinner party . . . might be some ideas. I will need your e address.

  2. What a fun challenge. I don't have any ideas the Dowager Duchess would approve of - but look forward to seeing what you came up with.

  3. Hello
    Thanks for visiting...
    what a great blog...
    why dont you go onto this site....
    She hosts tablescape thursday every week.
    I'm sure you will find great inspiration there.
    We all enjoy participating in her tablescapes.
    I'm your newest follower,it would be great if you could return the favour.

  4. Aah...just seen you do visit her site.
    I'm a silly clot!

  5. I'm not good at tablescaping and always admire people who set them up beautifully. It's an art! Sorry, that I'm not able to help.

    Wow, you still have the heater on? Hope you're getting some warmer weather soon. It's been toasty over here. Stay warm and take care.

  6. I sent you two blog posts I found online that had Downton parties....both had some great ideas and you really need to have you guys dress up in period costumes can do that in 20 minutes...pretend your a model...

  7. I'm not a tablescaper, but best of luck! I bet you'll do great!

  8. I can feel the rush of adrenaline all over you. Joining any competition is challenging and exciting. The secret in winning is to be confident and believe in yourself. I wish you all the luck and success! You can do it, I know you can! Good luck guys and have a blessed day!

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