Sunday, December 16, 2012

Still Catching Up

It has taken me a little time to get back to blogging after my Thanksgiving trip to Zimbabwe.   I returned to U.S. and went straight to work on November 29th and I've been in overdrive ever since.  

Thanksgiving weekend is usually when our family does all of our decorating, shopping and other holiday preparations so being away during that time put me a bit off schedule.  
Zimbabwe - A group from the seminar
The trip to Zimbabwe was a very emotional trip.  It was amazing to have the opportunity be a part of an incredible program and to have the chance to introduce the idea of corporate volunteerism in Zimbabwe but during the course of the seminar we heard about so many areas of need.  It wasn't just hearing about issues of poverty, health and human rights, but in some instances, emotionally I struggled with coming face-to-face with AIDS orphans and poverty.  

It took me a couple of weeks to process the things I saw and experienced and to get to a point that I could speak about some of these things without crying.  Since then many of my friends have been helping me think of ways to help and their suggestions and input has been helpful. 

In the coming weeks I hope to post photos and tell more stories but for now it is nice to share some holiday happenings.  

Our grandgirls arrived early!
The girls and I have been busy baking cookies, bell-ringing for Salvation Army, going to Christmas gatherings and making memories.  
During the coming week they are going to a winter camp, going to the Shakespeare Tavern for a performance of A Christmas Carol and working at the local food bank.  It's really been fun to have them with us as we celebrate the season. 
Like the rest of the country, we were so saddened by Friday's tragic eventsI must admit that I was challenged by trying to figure out how to discuss the tragedy with the girls but at the same time my heart was heavy for a community that was suffering with so many losses.  Last night we decided to light candles last night and say prayers for the victims.  
We did a lot more hugging and snuggling this weekend and will continue to join our country in prayer for the families of the victims.


  1. The spirit of giving lives in your life and family. Love that you and your grand girls lit candles in remembrance. I feel helpless in their sorrow . . . may each of us, in some small way, extend our love and caring . . .

  2. Our daughter has gone to Uganda and to India - - - she feels exactly as you describe when she gets back. It takes time to process all she saw and heard, but most of all it takes time for her to know in her heart what is HER PART to do about it.

  3. Welcome back! I look forward to learning more about your trip and what you took over there in terms of ideas on volunteerism. In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful granddaughters, the baking, the decorating and just being home!

  4. Glad to hear that you are safely home and with your sweet family. Those beautiful granddaughters look like they are having fun baking with their grandmother. ;-)
    You are an amazing lady, Cheryl. Your volunteer spirit is an example for all of us.
    Happy Holidays............Sarah

  5. Welcome home! It does take time to think about the things seen in other parts of the world. We live in such a sheltered environment here.

    Your granddaughters look so happy to be with you. Enjoy every minute you spend with them.

  6. So glad to hear you are home! Sounds like a life changing trip! I look forward to your future posts! Happy your Grands are here to enjoy time with you! Big Hugs, Linda

  7. So glad the girls made it early, the tragedy will certainly make you hold them a little closer.