Monday, December 26, 2011

Music, Movies and Memories - Mimi Naja & Parker Smith

 We started the holiday off with a great night of music at The Five Spot in Atlanta.   Mimi Naja (of Fruition String Band) and her good friend Parker Smith put on a late night show on the eve of the eve. 

Members of Mimi's Girlband from Junior High
Here are 3 of the same girls in 2000. 
Wits End 2000

Alicia is a true friend.  Still up at midnight waiting for the show to begin
Once the music started, the dancing began
Sweet Hannah
Christmas eve for our family has always included a movie along with a trip to Waffle House and this year we decided to see Hugo.

  I loved the film and especially enjoyed seeing it in 3-D.   A beautiful movie and a wonderful story too.  

We do things by vote in our family and this year rather than eating Christmas dinner at home and preparing our usual feast of lobster we decided to go to the Melting Pot.  I'd gotten an email from them saying they would be open on Christmas with very limited seating and we got a spot.  We had so much fun dining out and enjoying fondu.  
Now we are off to pick up the grandgirls to start our holiday.  
My husband added photos instead of gift tags to the presents this year
Tomorrow we leave for our overseas adventure and I'll post pictures when I can. 
Keeping the holiday spirit, 


  1. What a brilliant way to celebrate!
    I'm so sorry I missed your call - we didn't get home last night until late.
    Wishing you a wonderful adventure!

  2. It looks like you had a great holiday, enjoy your vacation.

  3. It looked like a beautiful Christmas, Cheryl. Enjoy your travels and have a safe journey!

  4. Jojo, thanks SO much for visiting my long-lost blog! I do hope to do better in the months ahead. It's nice to know I was missed:) Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was nice too...just hectic as usual. One year when the grands were younger and not yet reading, I put pictures on all the presents so they could help give them out. Now what I do is wrap each person's in a different paper and it's a snap to give them out. We spoil our son, DIL, and grandkids at Christmas so there are MANY presents! Haven't caught up on your blog yet so don't know where you are off to, but I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. We've never done much traveling at all for one reason or another but I keep thinking one day we might start. Here's hoping you and yours have a very blessed 2012. Come back to visit whenever you get a chance....and whenever I get a post out there!

  5. Enjoy your trip and thank you for sharing the joy on your sweet post today.

  6. Merry Christmas Happy New Year and everything in between!!....I can only imagine where in the world you are off to....I envy your travel schedule....
    Hope your tea cup is still lighting up your life......we're on borrowed time to have lunch with Joyce...she'll be in town for only three us when you get back into town.....and stop by the blog...SOphie's calendar for this year is posted.....Sue.