Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogging is Expensive

Is it just me or do other bloggers end up reading blogs and shopping?   I started blogging so that I could connect with my kids who live in other places but truthfully my kids tell me they rarely read my blog.  That's why I joined Facebook.   After blogging a year or so I realized the reason I continued to blog is because of the friends I've made through blogging and this continues to be the case.   Meanwhile as I blog I read lots of other inspiring blogs and because of blogging my family has benefited from lots of new recipes and updated home decor.   But I've also done a lot of shopping.   I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of my recent purchases and give credit to the bloggers responsible for my new creative outlets and experiences.
Cookie-making Supplies
I already owned a number of seasonal cookie cutters and several copper ones that I treasure but since I started following SASB, I've bought so many more.   Her cookies are pure artistry.  I haven't actually started baking any cookies but at least I have all the supplies and equipment I need when the time comes.  Oh that reminds me, I need to order that paisley cookie cutter. 

Art Supplies
Paris Breakfasts is one of my favorites!   Carol's blog is about much more than art but I love her watercolors.   Not only have I bought all new watercolors and brushes,  I'm working my way through Artist Journal Workshop and have just bought Watercolour Painting.   So far I haven't painted anything but I'm planning to test my talent on my next trip.   Speaking of trips this leads to my next category. 

This has been one expensive blog experience though I can't totally blame the bloggers.   Several bloggers have inspired me to travel and sight see both in my local community and abroad.   A few of these include Recollections of a VagabondeMille Fiori Favoriti, Menton Daily Photo, Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome and my good friend Pondside.   Thanks to Elizabeth I will be making a quick trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast in December.    Pondside inspires me because I want to meet my pen pal in person and I'm determined that the two of us will meet in person in 2012.

I don't know where to start here as many blogs have inspired me to buy books.   Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is probably responsible for most of my book purchases though there are are plenty of other bloggers who've introduced me to books I've bought and enjoyed.    I always want to live in the pages of books by blogger authors like Vicki Archer, Elizabeth Minchilli, Mary Kay Andrews and Susan Branch but since I can't, I buy their books. 

Besides the travel category this is one of the most expensive of blogging side effects but it is one that is great fun too.   Sue at Rue Mouffetard got me started on my first cooking class at Viking Cooking School.   Since then I've taken several classes and on my trip to Italy I will definitely be taking a class or two.   There are many blogs that have inspired me with their writing skills and one of my favorites would have to be Jenny Matlock's blog.   Blogging in general has made me want to improve my writing skills so I recently enrolled in a writing class.   I'm really sad the class has ended but I'm hoping our class can continue to meet periodically as a writer's circle, doing critiques and perhaps inviting other local authors to join our discussions.   The class was fascinating in that it brought together very interesting people with very different backgrounds.   Participants shared such interesting topics through their writing such as, being a young Olympic athlete with a most unusual childhood, dealing with racial issues in the 60s, growing up in the 50s with a gay parent, eccentric family members (we are in the south), dealing with the loss of a parent, experiencing the changing life of a parent with Alzheimer's and growing up in a small southern town.  Julie Cannon was our teacher and I so hope we are able to keep in touch.  I loved the class.  
Like I said, I'll continue to work on the writing but my next class effort will be photography (and a new camera)! 

I'm interested to hear about your blogging (and buying) experiences.  


  1. Jojo - I feel exactly the same way - not to the extent you have - but I see so many things on the posts and I gets books and make things and try to do different things too. You sound like you are having lots of fun! Great. sandie

  2. Cheryl, you are so sweet to tell me my blog is one of your inspirations! I agree with you that blogging has encouraged me to try new things, buy more books, travel new places and meet so many wonderful people.

    I hope we get to meet one day! You are also very inspiring and I always enjoying reading about all the special projects you get involved with through your work and hobbies.

    I just came home from a two week California coast vacation and saw many wonderful things --stayed tuned as I will begin blogging about them for mosaic Monday!

  3. Hi Cheryl.....thank you for including ME!! in your post....I do love to cook and encourage anyone who will listen to me to take a class or try a new dish....I think you need to try bread baking next if you haven't tried that already....It's cheap and very rewarding....Can't wait to see you on the 6th....yes, there will be plenty of food....LOL...
    And Joyce called and will be in town the first week of November and wants us to get together for lunch....I'll e-mail you when I have her exact dates and we can confirm a day that's good for your work schedule.....

  4. Hi Cheryl! Sorry I'm costing you money. lol I was afraid you were going to say you've been buying more dishes. ;) Books are a good vice, right?
    Where are you taking your photography class? I need to take one of those, too! Sounds like you've been growing and learning...blogging is awesome, isn't it?! :)

  5. Hi Cheryl!
    I know what you mean....I buy from a lot of bloggers....But I would rather buy from a friend than some huge company that I don't know.

    This was a great post featuring some wonderful blogs...

    p.s. if anyone feels the need to shop with a blogger...they can visit my blog!

  6. Sue, I started baking bread and my husband decided that it was so easy that he took it over. He is now the master of the French loaf.

    Susan, I almost signed up for a class through a Groupon offer but decided that would not give me the level of instruction that I'm sure I need. If I find a good one I will let you know.

    Penny, I should have listed your blog and works of art on here too!

  7. I think meeting in 2012 would be a wonderful idea! Just let me know how you think we should make this happen.
    Shopping? Well, I'd have to say I've been buying way more books - every time one of my favorite bloggers talks about a book I find myself looking for it in the book stores.

  8. Jojo, thank you SO much for including me in your list. I'm thrilled and honoured and now I will have the pleasure of exploring the blogs you mention - well those I didn't know. You are so right - other bloggers inspire us and I've long been inspired by one of your choices, Carol of Paris Breakfasts.

    And blogging has totally changed my life - I think through blogging, especially with photography, we learn to see - really see - the beauty of where we live and of course we make friends, lifelong friends.

    I hope you do indeed make it to Menton one of these fine days.

    Again, many thanks and love to you and all those who have inspired you - and me!

    Jilly xxx

  9. JoJo, I just ordered a book not 5 mins. ago, because I saw someone raving about it on their blog, so I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.

    You are like me, with so many varied interests & paths yet to follow. I can't stand it when I hear my sisters say they're "bored". What?? Who has time to be bored? I'd love to take both a writing & a photography class.

    We've been to Rome and the Amalfi're going to LOVE it! Hands down, one of our favorite trips & we even got to meet the Polish Pope. My Polish DH was in Heaven!


  10. I agree completely JoJo! For me it's all the wonderful shops and etsy shops that so many of my blogger friends have...and I love to support my frinds! ~Deb~

  11. So true, Cheryl! If I can get away with spending under $5 on a post, I consider myself lucky! lol Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  12. I end up not always shopping but definitely always wanting stuff! ha!

    What a fun and inspiring list of blogs! I know some of them, but I definitely need to visit the new ones!

    I think for me...blogging is time consuming.

    I should really be making Thanksgiving cards, but you know what? I'll just visit another blog or two (or three or four!)

  13. Gosh! You know what? I just noticed I was on your list! I am totally flattered by your words!


    I'm just sitting here grinning like a crazy (ier) person!

    Thank you so much!

    That made me want to cry!