Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Don't Do Valentine's Day

My husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.  We never have.  It just wasn't a custom for him growing up so it was never a part of our relationship.  There are so many other occasions we celebrate throughout the year that I've never given it a second thought.   Normally I make a special cookie that I've made every Valentine's Day since we got married but I'm getting a little construction done in the house so I couldn't even bake cookies this year.  
Courtesy of ValentineCelebrations
 As I've been looking at all the decorations on other blogs I couldn't help but think about Valentine's Day growing up.  Every year not only did we have to make a special valentine for everyone in our class, we also had to decorate a valentine box.  Did you have to make a valentine box?   My mom was a working mom in the 50s and 60s and with 4 kids there was rarely "make it" time but when I was in second grade she helped me make the most beautiful valentine box ever!  It even won the class award for the best valentine box!   Oh I wish I had pictures of the shoebox that had been covered in white meat paper (thank you Piggly Wiggly).  Then my mom cut strips of red tulle that she gathered on the machine and we glued them around the edge of the box to make a skirt.  
It was magnificent.  

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day full of love and surprises. 


  1. We don't do Valentine's Day either. In 1998 my husband was bit by a brown recluse spider the day before V day....on V day he went into the hospital for surgery for the bite. In 1999 my husband had chest paints on V day - and in the hospital he went for heart surgery. So we just don't celebrate it anymore - lol.

    I do remember making mail boxes from shoe boxes for Valentine's day. We used construction paper, crepe paper and lace doiles...

  2. Fisherhubby and I don't normally "do" anything special for Valentine's day either - - - occasionally a card or candy, but that is not the norm.

  3. Oh what a sweet memory. We always decorated boxes too but we did them at school. My husband and I give each other cards but that's usually all we do. We share our love each and every day...he's great for telling me he loves me and giving hugs and kisses 365 days a year! I'm blessed.

  4. Cheryl, I posted about much the same today. If you've seen all my recent posts, you know that I do love Valentine's Day, but my husband doesn't really buy into holidays. He's the type of guy who is generous in both thought and word all through the year. He gives me gifts at his whim.
    Valentine shoeboxes ~ yes, it's a vivid memory in my mind from both childhood and 30+ years in an elementary classroom. I think it's all those years with young children that cemented my love for this holiday. Young children LOVE this holiday! ~
    Happy Heart Day to you! ~ Sarah

  5. I remember making those boxes!
    We don't really do Valentine's Day either, for the same reason, but I have hearts in the house year round and try to make a special dinner for the two of us.

  6. Oh, what a lovely memory!

    I am one of the rare people who actually enjoys wrapping presents, and so I could completely immerse myself in the Valentine Box projects of my youth. I loved it more than the valentines that went inside.

    Never, though, would I have dreamed of giving my box a "romantic tutu."


    Have a happy day, regardless of the label, JoJo. ♥

  7. I think I made a box every year in elementary school. I remember them as being beautiful and I loved all the cards from my friends. This was no longer a tradition when my children were in school. Sad, really!

    Your mention of Piggly Wiggly brought back fond memories!! I still miss shopping at "The Pig".


  8. My husband and I do a low key Valentine's day..usually I cook a special dinner for him and he brings me flowers or does something nice for me. This year he gave me a foot massage as I've been having trouble with foot pain since I had a stress fracture last winter. True love is everyday love! ♥

  9. We don't do Valentine Day either. I am used to cook something special and last monday I've done a pizza, heart shaped! Have a nice day, Anita Camilla

  10. Valentine's Day isn't big here either, but I do something special for the gkids.
    I went to Catholic school, so I don't recall making cards. But all the years I taught school I would have the kids make a little mail box or decorated bag for their ♥'s!