Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sur Les Tables de Stef


  Bougies boules rouges Ikea

I was all prepared to post on something totally different but when I was trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, I spotted Stef's latest table and just had to share.   If you've never seen her tablescapes, you need to set aside some time to see her work. 


  1. Okay....didn't understand a word but my gosh what an adorable tablescape...I loved the first picture of that cute little guy and how she spelled out winter activity words in the fake snow...very creative...Loking forward to seeing you on the 7th.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Sue.

  2. Just too cute....although I'd love to be able to read her descriptions! I love the whimsical aspects of her tablescape...definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas!

  3. What a sweet table - I love the mitten cutlery holder!

  4. Adorable. I wonder why there is no translator on the blog. I would love to understand it!
    Happy Tgiving, Cheryl!

  5. So creative. Makes me want to open the china and play house:-) Happy Thanksgiving.