Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting Vacation So Far

We are just starting our vacation but it's been interesting so far.  For lunch we enjoyed smoked puffin (yes, those cute little birds) and an amazing fish gratin with yellow carrots. 
Smoked puffin with a sweet and sour sauce
 While dining we noticed several men passing around a few fishing lures, some were framed, and one was handed to one of the men.  There was lots of excitement but we couldn't tell exactly what was going on.  It was awkward but I was trying be discreet in getting a photo of the fishing lure conversation when one of the men turned to share what was happening.   

During the recent economic downturn, relative to its size, Iceland’s banking collapse was the largest suffered by any country in economic history.  Inflation during 2009 was at an all-time high, and now you're probably wondering what this has to do with a fishing lure.  
Notice the tiny object in the man's hand
Well, the owner of the restaurant, Prir Frakkar, or Three Coats,  decided to grow his beard and vowed not to cut it off until the interest rates dropped below 10% at Citibank.   Apparently the owner's beard grew quite long and he was looking something like a Santa Claus before things improved.   In the first quarter of 2010, the rates finally dropped below 10% and in celebration the owner shaved his beard.  One of the restaurant clients decided to take the beard shavings and use them to make celebratory lures specifically for use when fishing for salmon.  
Proud owner of a new lure

Today's lunch event was the funniest fishing tale I'd ever heard.  I'm not sure that anyone has actually used the "bearded" lures yet but the recipient of this lure was plenty proud and say's he's going on a fishing trip this weekend.  

We are so excited that at least we have internet access.  Apparently coverage can be spotty so we are enjoying it for now.  


  1. enjoy your vacation and post more great stories when you can !!

  2. Just goes to show how your adventurous spirit enables you to see the 'little" things and live life in a large way! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. What a great story - I'll send it home to The Great Dane. Have a grand time in Iceland - I look forward to more stories and photos!

  4. Not sure about the puffin but the vacation sounds great!

    My husband would enjoy this story, too. I'm sending him a link. Thanks!

  5. What a fun story. Enjoy your trip. Love seeing the photos as you can post.

  6.'re in ICELAND?????? What in the world? Never heard of anyone taking a vacation to Iceland, but it definitely sounds interesting! I'd just like to go to the N. GA mountains! Our summer vacation had to be postponed! Have fun and hope you return home safe and rested!

  7. It sounds so exotic there! I'm glad you are brave enough to try the local food.The fishing lures story is interesting. What a nice smile that Icelander has!

  8. I am so glad you are having a nice time - girl - you just go every where - I'm so jealous in a nice way.