Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back From Iceland, But Can't Stop Thinking About the Lobster

 We're back from an incredible journey.  Iceland is such a beautiful country with ever changing landscapes and scenery that stimulates the imagination.   The people speak English though I had lots of fun trying to say words like Snaefellsness or Vatnjokull but mainly stuck with English with the exception asking for a kleina (yum) or saying  "takk fryrir" which means thank you.  
We spent a lot of time driving, both on and off the Ring Road.  After a couple of days in Reykjavik, we drove the southern coast to a tiny harbor town called Hofn.  In this little village we enjoyed spending time in local hangouts, visiting secret waterfalls, soaking in the local "hot pot" or geothermal spa, taking private walks on the beach and going to a secret place where seals sometimes hide out.  We even found a miniature viking village that was built as a film set for an upcoming movie and series about the vikings.  
Hofn is a place well-known for its langoustine and while there, we feasted.  One of our favorite restaurants during the trip was a place called Humarhofnin.
A brother and sister own the restaurant.  The brother works in the kitchen and the sister serves, visits with clients and grows the herbs used in their cooking (pictured in the restaurant window).

The owners were delightful people and because of our love for lobster, we got a private tour of the restaurant and a few details on their cooking techniques.  
The black sauce you see below is unbelievable.  It's served as a dipping sauce to accompany the grilled langoustine.  It really should be bottled and sold.  The pink sauce is good but doesn't begin to compare with flavors of the black sauce.
There's another place in town that in travel guides is well-known for its lobster pizza and let me tell you it is scrumptious.  The chef has just published a cookbook which is a wonderful guide to the cuisine of the region of Vatnakojull (aren't Icelandic words interesting) and Iceland in general. 
Of course I brought home an autographed copy! 

Closer to Reykjavik, in a coastal village called Stokkseyri, we dined in a well-known restaurant called Fjorubordid.  It has been featured in the New York Times and has been visited by a number of folks you might know, like Martha Stewart and Bette Midler.  
Yes, the lobster soup is magical but in my opinion the best place for a langoustine is Humarhofnin in Hofn.  I hope you get to visit.


  1. What a lovely journey and such beautiful picturers from Iceland.
    I would like to go there immediately.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  2. What a great travel guide. Love your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. JoJo, what a trip! Your photographs are just stunning!

    Enjoy your day~

  4. What a fabulous trip! Sounds romantic, fun and interesting. Wonderful food also. Thanks for the great photos!! Now if you will just make some of that food from the cookbook, invite me over!! :)

  5. When you say 'lobster' you are speaking my language! Whenever we go down home we head for the wharf and pick our own from the day's catch and then have them boiled right then and there to be eaten by the side of the road - always carry a roll of paper towel, a pick and some wet wipes!
    Your trip sounds wonderful and I've just told The Great Dane 'we have to go to Iceland!'

  6. Sounds fantastic and the people so friendly! Now I am dying to know what this black sauce is made of! I would love to visit Iceland, now that you have introduced me to the place! Just not in the winter time! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your magical trip and yes I do believe in the little people (faries). I was amazed at how much of their own energy they produce.

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I LOVE lobster and I would be in heaven dining on such marvelous looking food.

  9. Breathtaking photos! It has always been my dream, fantasy, to go to Iceland. When I was in college a friend of mine moved there and I thought where?? what??
    It is most beautiful and I love the folklore, and the names. I'm so glad you took us all on this journey...please share more!

  10. What a fantastic trip! And that photo of your meal has me salivating! I hope you'll do some of recipes from your new cookbook and share them.


  11. An incredible trip! I think I must have missed something though....why Iceland??? I would never think of going there but you make it sound awesome. Glad you had a fabulous time and glad you got home safely.

  12. Iceland! What a wonderful choice for a vacation. Your stories and photos make me want to go. Today.

  13. That looks so good. And the pics of the scenery! Super!

  14. Oooh, Cheryl! What a fabulous trip! I haven't ever thought of Iceland as a vacation destination, but now you have me thinking! Yummy looking food, too! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  15. I was not very hungry for dinner but after reading your post my stomach is calling… unfortunately no lobster in the fridge is answering. What a great trip you had. I enjoy looking at your photos.

  16. The fourth picture shows the beauty of the place. The dishes must have been perfect, at least that is how they look:)